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Movenpick Marche Restaurant

Monday, July 31, 2006
The motto – “Eat in a colorful market-place atmosphere” – is certainly meant to be taken literally in Mövenpick Marché restaurants. Marché is a totally FRESH concept in dining pioneered by Mövenpick in Europe in 1983.

Marché ( pronounced ‘Mar-Shay’) is an extravaganza – a hive of culinary and market activity where the only constant is change. It abounds with color from the mountains of produce, baked goods, meats, fish, pastries, fruits and other foods. Colorful tiles, flagstone flooring, bright awnings and ceiling hangings, barrels, baskets and wagons create the flavour of a bustling European market.

Marché opens its doors every day at 11.00am and virtually everything you see in the way of raw foods, prepared foods and ingredients are brand new. All breads and pastries are fresh baked continuously. Wherever possible, produce, meats and seafood are fresh from the market. Pasta is prepared right in front of your eyes.

Located at the ground floor of The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, Marche provides a totally different dining experience .. at least for me it is. Imagine this, before entering the restaurant .. you are given a Marche market passport .. like this one here. Please do bear in mind that this little card actually cost you RM200 if you ever lose it. Well .. unless your food costs you more than RM200, it's quite a painful experience. Once you're in the restaurant, you will see something quite familiar, a marketplace of some sort. You can wander around different market stands and freely select whatever food that appeals to you. You get to see for yourself the freshness and quality of the produce; smell what’s baking in the ovens; hear the food sizzling; and watch the food being prepared right in front of your eyes, fresh from the “market”.

When you're done choosing your food from the stations, more selection lies ahead. It’s time to choose which of our seating areas go with your mood of the moment. La Poterie is reminiscent of the pottery-making cottage, while the Bistro is typical of a Parisian tavern. The Swiss House has the flavour of a Swiss mountain inn.

You pick and eat all you can, most of the food are deliciously prepared. I guess the only thing about this is when it comes to the bill. Remember the market passport I meantioned? Yes, everytime you pick and choose the food the card is stamped. When you "check out" from the restaurant, you pay based on the stamps on your card. Let's just say, not only the food is european ... the price is also as such.

The key to the Marché concepts is the collection of market tables and stations where daily specials are prepared and cooked to other. Its fun to discuss techniques and recipes with the chef’s and you can actually buy raw ingredients and others to take home with you if you wish. (After all, Marché is a market too!) The extensive food offer includes Meat and Seafood Grills, Salads and Delicacies, Pizza, Rösti, Pasta, Roast, Sausages, Vegetables, Sushi, Bread & Pastries, Desserts, Coffee, Fresh Pressed Juice, Wines and Beers. New items are always cooking.

Contact Details
Lot G87, Ground Floor,
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7728 9200,
Fax: 03 7727 5660

OVERALL RATING : * * * * *
Environment Rating : * * * * *
Food Rating : * * * *
Service Rating : * * * *
Value Rating : * *

Operation Details
Average Price : approx RM100++ for 3 person
Operating Hours : From 10am daily
Accepted Cards: : Master Card , Visa Card

Miscellaneous Details
Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine-In / Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Casual Dining, Cuisine: Swiss, Pastries, Pasta, Fruit Juice, Seafood
Ambience/Features : Family . Air Conditioned . Alcohol . Casual Dining .
BYO Allowed? : No
Reservations : Accepted


Heavenly Hor Fun

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's time for me to get back to my mainstream topic, food review after a short break. We're back to another round of local delight, and I bring you one of Malaysia's most popular meal, Ipoh "Kai Xi" Hor Fun (Shredded Chicken Rice Cake String). As in the name, this meal is most popularly known in "Ipoh" (a town in Northern Malaysia) but due to public demand, it is now available almost anywhere in Malaysia. Tucked away in a little corner lot along Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur is this little coffee shop known as Kedai Mei Sin that sells one of the best Ipoh "Kai Xi" Hor Fun in town. The shop has been operating for more than twenty years. The taste of the food they serve reflects the experience that these people have in preparing the dish. It's really, really good ! Besides Kai Xi Hor Fun, the rest of the stalls sell good stuffs as well such as the Chicken Rice, the "Char Kuey Tiow" (Fried Rice Cake String) and also not forgetting the local delight .. the Toasted Bread or more commonly known as "Roti Bakar" - the actual translation meant "Burnt Bread" but trust me, it's definitely not burnt in any way. It is actually very good, toasted bread layered with butter and "kaya" (locally produced jam made with coconut and egg).



Environment Rating : * *
Food Rating : * * * *
Service Rating : * *
Value Rating : * * * * *

Operation Details
Operating Hours : Mon - Sun 8:00am - 2:00pm

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : No
Dining Method : Dine-In / Takeaway
Special Dishes : Ipoh "Kai Xi" Hor Fun, Chicken Rice, Char Kuey Tiow
Food/Cuisine : Local chinese
Ambience/Features : Well, it's a coffee shop. Imagine oily floors and char kuey tiow smell all over
BYO Allowed? : Yes
Reservations : Definitely not.

A little something on Hor Fun

Shāhé fěn (Chinese: 沙河粉), colloquially called hé fěn (河粉), is a type of wide Chinese noodle made from rice. While Shāhé fěn and hé fěn are transliterations based on Mandarin Chinese, there are numerous other transliterations based on Cantonese Chinese, which include ho fen, hofen, ho-fen, ho fun, ho-fun, hor fun, hor fen, sar hor fun etc. In addition, shāhé fěn is often called kway teow (粿條, lit. "rice cake string," transliteration based on Min Nan Chinese) or guo tiáo (corresponding transliteration based on Mandarin), as in the name of a dish called char kway teow.

Shāhé fěn are believed to have originated in the town of Shāhé, now a district of the city of Guangzhou, in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, from whence their name derives. Shāhé fěn is typical of southern Chinese cuisine, although similar noodles are also prepared and enjoyed in nearby Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam and Thailand, which both have sizeable Chinese populations.

Shāhé fěn noodles are white in color, broad, and somewhat slippery. Their texture is elastic and a bit chewy. They do not freeze or dry well and are thus generally purchased fresh, in strips or sheets that may be cut to the desired width.

Shāhé fěn noodles are very similar to Vietnamese pho noodles, which are likely derived from their Chinese counterpart. Although the pho noodles used in soups are generally very narrow (similar to linguini in width), wider pho noodles are also common in stir fried dishes.

Special "Lou Shi Fun" @ Yoke Heng

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
The direct translation for "Lou Shi Fun" would have to be "Rat Noodle" which of course does not exactly means the same. It's probably named that way because the noodles are similar in shape and size to rat tails. But one thing is for sure, it doesn't taste anything like a rat's tail ... not that I've tried a rat tail myself !

Jokes aside, let's bring our attention back to a more serious note. In this session, we shall be talking about this fantastic new restaurant that I've visited recently. Just a "stone-throw" away from Astro TPM Bukit Jalil is Yoke Heng Restaurant which serves a very special "version" of Nga Pou Lou Shi Fun. "Nga Pou" in cantonese means Claypot, in this case Claypot Lou Shi Fun.

Contact Details


Environment Rating :
Food Rating :
Service Rating :
Value Rating :

Operation Details

Operating Hours :

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : No
Dining Method : Dine-In / Takeaway
Special Dishes : Claypot Egg Lou Shi Fun
Food/Cuisine :
Ambience/Features :
BYO Allowed? : Yes
Reservations : Accepted

Eric Deli Paradise

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The 'Eric' mentioned in Eric Deli Paradise is referring to the Hong Kong celebrity Eric Tsang famous for his popular SuperTrio game show , if you really must know. But I do believe Eric Tsang do not own Eric Deli Paradise, well not wholely but having his image pasted all over this red and white themed restaurant as a part of deco does attract curious diners such as me.


Eric Deli Paradise is located on the ground floor of Hartamas Shopping Centre covering a huge chunk of the right wing ... from unit G11B - G15 to be exact, right next to the entrance of the parking lot. Just check out the map provided above. The place is huge therefore not a problem to find a table. I guess the restaurant could easily fit 350 people or so ... with private function rooms too.

Anyway, since I was there to try out the 'tim sum' ... I didn't had the chance to review their popular Sze Chuan dishes (noted in my next to do list). The ordering style is exactly like what you get in some other popular Hong Kong based restaurants and cafe .. a paper menu with pencil for you to start ticking away. Call me old-fashioned but I still don't feel comfortable ordering stuffs that I can't visualize. Not having much of a choice, I made some choices and 'submitted' my orders to the ever-smilling service personnels dressed in all-red. A glance-thru the crowds ... my next table, 2 couples - probably rich (expensive sunglass stuck on hair nited) with screaming babies, sigh! Looked the other way, an old couple ... quietly enjoying their lunch ..probably felt irritated at my staring .. also rich looking. Seriously, I should review my observations. I am probably biased ... everyone looking rich just because I am in Hartamas area :-S

ANYWAY ... this is what I've ordered .... with a couple of other stuffs and the total bill for 2 person came up to about RM64.00. Quite a hefty amount ... I would say. But then again .. it is Hartamas!

New Paris Restaurant PJ

Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Paris Restaurant

Here's my 'experience' during my last visit to the New Paris Restaurant starting with the typical hunting for a parking practice, especially on a weekend where everyone's too lazy to even visit their kitchen. Once you have secured a parking, you will need to find a table next. Entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by this 'uncle' asking for total number of people coming in to dine. He then 'registers' your name in his big "buku nota" or notepad.

He will subsequently shouts through his "karaoke" looking microphone for a free table and chances are he will ask you to move aside and wait for some 10 minutes or so. Okay, now you have 10 minutes or more to spend .. either standing around staring at people. You'd probably notice quite a number of yuppies eating there. That is because New Paris Restaurant is strategically located in a very busy office location (then again, all outlets in SS2 ARE strategically located, hence the sky-high rental !!!) which is why you see most of them dine there after work, usually bitching about work, how unfairly they're treated by their bosses or how cute the new secretary is.

Then you hear your name being called ... asking you to proceed to table 20 or some table numbers which doesn't really matter to you. Only when you know your table is located halfway outside the road did you realize that you should've asked to sit upstairs - airconditioned, that's why. Usually the "Uncle" will politely comply to your request - requesting you to wait for another 10 minutes. Of course, the trembling feet and growling tummy sends a totally different message and your mind seems to go on cruise control - you proceed to tell "Uncle" "Okay, okay .. I take lah ... the table. Where ah?"

"Uncle" something get's in a nice mood and changes his mind. "Okay, fast fast ! Table 5 got place oledi ... go go!" Yup ! upstairs ..... aircond. Yippee !!!

Good ... now that you're seated at your table, getting ready to order ... I can only recommend 1 very popular dish here. The Watermelon Porkrib is something you shouldn't miss out. Other than that, I can't really remember the other dishes since the last time I went there was ... err.. a couple of months ago. Ha ha ha ... anyway, if I ever go there again ... I will get down more details and post it here. As for now, you know how to go, you know how to order your first dish ... I will let your creativity fulfill your hungry tummy !

Contact Details

New Paris Restaurant (formerly Paris Restaurant)62, 64, 66 Jalan SS2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7955 9180, 03 7955 0186

Environment Rating : * * *
Food Rating : * * * *
Service Rating : * * *
Value Rating : * * *

Operation Details

Average Price : approx RM100++ for 5 person
Operating Hours : can't remember ...
Accepted Cards: : Master Card , Visa Card

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Nope, definitely not !
Dining Method : Dine-In Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Chinese
Ambience/Features : Family . Air Conditioned . Alcohol . Casual Dining .
BYO Allowed? : Yes
Reservations : Accepted

Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
KA-SOH (sister-in-law in Cantonese) owes its name to the belief that this person in the Chinese patriarchy is usually filled by someone quite dedicated, diligent and hardworking.

Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant is situated in a car park opposite the Ritz Carlton entrance and behind The Westin. Ka Soh sounds so ordinary but rumour has it that there has been loads of Chinese celebrities from abroad and local who've sat and ate here. Proof comes in the form of celebrity photographs on their notice board as a testament to their visit.

Ka-Soh is famous for their Fishhead Noodles (鱼头米粉), Kah-Soh curry fish head and the special Prawn Paste Fried Chicken (虾酱鸡).

Deep fried frog with ginger

Kah-Soh curry fish head

Kah-Soh deep fried prawn paste chicken

Chef special bean curd

Other specialities

Ka-Soh sang yee (toman) fish head and fillet noodles Kah-Soh steamed song yee (silver carp) head with black bean sauce Kah-Soh braised sang yee (toman) head with black bean sauce Kah-Soh deep fried red tilapia with special Thai sauce Deep fried pork intestines Pan fried braised pork belly Kah-Soh stir fried bean sprouts with intestines

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

More information coming up later ... stay tuned !

Restoran Sri Karak

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Durian Bomb, originally uploaded by timlow2002.

Steamed Assorted Eggs, originally uploaded by timlow2002.

House Special Claypot Chicken, originally uploaded by timlow2002.

Boiled Spinach Soup, originally uploaded by timlow2002.

Be The First To Eat. That's the tagline for Sri Karak Restaurant.

If you have been to Karak town or frequently drive along the Karak Highway, you must have come across or at least heard of the famous Yik Kei Restaurant which is very much praised for its durian puffs as well as hearty Chinese food.

Yik Kei has now expanded it's business into Klang Valley in the form of Sri Karak Restaurant offering the same delicious cooking as the orriginal Yik Kei. While Yik Kei in Karak is a non-halal outlet, Seri Karak is pork-free. The food is pretty much the same, though, and showcases some of the produce that Pahang is famous for: thin French beans from the highlands, deliciously smooth and slippery patin fish and, of course, the king of fruits, the durian.

Most pastries in Seri Karak are self-baked The building has a separate section in the front of its multi-storey, bright-coloured restaurant that is dedicated to baked products. Products are baked only once in the morning and only sold while stocks last. There are homemade Swiss rolls slathered with coconut jam, Portuguese egg tarts, durian-flavoured egg tarts and the famous Durian Bomb, wherein creamy durian is mixed with sweet potato and then deep-fried until it is crispy on the outside but meltingly soft on the inside.

The pricing are very reasonable in Sri Karak. Here's a list of what I've eaten and the pricing.

  • Boiled Spinach Soup (regular sized) - RM7.00
  • House Special Claypot Chicken (regular sized) - RM12.00
  • Steamed Assorted Eggs (regular sized)- RM8.00
  • Durian Bomb - RM1.60 each
  • Portuegese Tart - RM1.20 each

With drinks and plain rice, the bill came up to about RM46.00. I'd say it's quite ok for a 3 person meal. By the way, they do charge service/tax charges.

Contact Details


No. 17 Jalan 52/8, Section 52, Petaling JayaSelangor

Tel: 03-7958 3280


  • OVERALL RATING : * * * *
  • Environment Rating : * * *
  • Food Rating : * * * *
  • Service Rating : * * * *
  • Value Rating : * * * *

Operation Details

Operating Hours : Mon-Sat (10am-10pm; Sunday, lunch (11am-3pm); dinner (6pm-10pm)

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes

Dining Method : Dine-In / Takeaway

Special Dishes : Durian Bomb / Durian Tart

Food/Cuisine : Serves Chinese food, with influences from Pahang Malay culture

Ambience/Features : Cosy . Family . Air Conditioned .

BYO Allowed? : Yes

Reservations : Accepted

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