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6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Before posting this article, I decided to run some search on this food establishment .. just to gauge some idea on the receptance of general public. I googled the name "6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak" and it returned with some results. Apparently, quite a handful of "reviews" were made already.

Right ... I am slow. Very slow. Probably all the eating has made me slow down. I have a whole load of backlog articles to publish ... and this article alone is probably 3 weeks old !

But what the heck ... here it is anyway, backlog or not ...

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak isn't any posh establishment ... not airconditioned, no sofa seats or even Cliff Richard singing in the background .. although you could probably request them to play something romantic on their radio if you happen to bring your partner .. you know, just to get the mood going (amongst the other crowded patrons). But you're there probably because you've heard of this restaurant within the flats in PJ Section 17 or about their RedWine Pork Rib. And you won't regret your visit after trying it out.


A huge slice of tender, juicy ... perfectly grilled pork rib, layers with a big round slice of pineapple and finished with delicious special redwine sauce. and as you sink you teeth into the soft yet tender meat with that slight red wine tingling taste ... you can't help but imagine where in seventh heaven are you ...... hungry yet ?

Eric Lim aka "The Chef" is the brainchild behind this gastronomy delight and of course, other favourites such as the Redwine Lamb Chop and the yummy chicken chop. You must also try their legendary Special Nasi Lemak - which is very wellknown and has been around for the last 20 years or so.

The Special Nasi Lemak comes with mouth-watering Curry Chicken or Spicy Sotong (squid) .. and you can be sure your order arrives very generously portioned. Ask around the Section 17 neighborhood for this popular nasi lemak stall at the flats and chances are they will point you to "6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak".

All the talking and visualizing will not compare to the real thing ... go on and pamper your tastebuds. Tip of the day .. weekends can be quite packed, you can try but do go early to book your spot! Alternatively, check them out on weekdays but stay off Mondays and Tuesdays ... Mr. Eric takes his beautiful rest on these days. And due to "high" demand from their customers, they are now opened for lunches as well ... so add this spot to your usual lunch destinations.

Price Guides

Red Wine Lamb Special (RM21.00)
Red Wine Pork Ribs Special (18.00)
New Zealand Grill Lamb Chops (RM13.00)
Grill Chicken Chop (RM9.50)
Grill Pork Chops (RM12.00)
Special Chicken (RM10.00)
Nasi Lemak Special with Chicken (RM6.00)

More reads

Honey Star Masak-Masak dDoinkster Speaks Pandalogy Kyspeaks

Contact Details

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak
BG-1, Block B, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, 46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-79554993 (Eric)


OVERALL RATINGs : * * * * * (You'll have a satisfied meal)
Environment Ratings : * * * (Coffeeshop style)
Food Ratings : * * * * * (Excellente ..)
Service Ratings : * * * * (food may take a little while to get prepared if crowded)
Value Ratings : * * * * * (it's good value for what you're getting)

Operation Details

Average Price : Let's just put it at below RM30
Business Hrs : Wed to Sun. Lunch from 12 noon - 2:30 pm. Dinner from 6 pm - 10:30 pm
Accepted Cards: not sure

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : No
Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Local - Nasi Lemak is terrific / Western - Go for the Red Wine Chops !!!
Ambience/Features : Open-aired Coffeeshop concept
Reservations : Accepted on weekdays

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Padi House Cyberjaya

Friday, October 27, 2006
During my last visit to the Old Town Kopitiam in Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya .. I spotted a cafe next to the Kopitiam. Eventually I found out the cafe name ... Padi House. Pretty interesting and creative name, I would say. So I decided to schedule one of my Friday lunches there .. which is today.

I guess Padi House did score some plus points for being so close to my office. That means I don't have to travel more than 10 kilometres to the nearest "mixed rice" source.

Arriving Padi House, I encountered my first problem ... the parking lots are not accessible ... apparently you can only access it using a smartcard or something. Guess what I did next, there was a huge gap beside the carpark exit barrier .. I drive right past it and parked my car. I know, I know ...I shouldn't do that ... but for some reasons, I did.

The cafe has an open-air concept, pretty much like any coffee shop but the seats are quite comfy. We sat right next to a landscaped fish pond, with the fishes swimming right next to you while you enjoy your course of salmon fish....

Ordering process, unfortunately ... is via pencil and form, here we go again ... with the tickings. And I guess the form was too small, the waiter brought us a large piece of A4 paper to write our orders, ourselves!!! Anyway, to cut the story short, we got our orders in and waited. And waited. We were the first few to arrive. By the time the restaurant filled up, we were still waiting.

Then eventually they brought our drinks and then the snacks that we ordered. The first to arrive were the Onion Rings and then the Deep Fried Sweet Potatoes. The Crispy Duck Noodle was considerably alright. The noodle tasted very much like instant noodle probably because it is one but fortunately the duck meat was very good, though! Soft, fat-free, very tasty without any of that sou mei (overly strong meaty taste).

One of the item found in the western favourites section is the Chicken Chop Rice. This, apparently is a fusion of western (Chicken Chop) and oriental (rice) and happens to be the favourite among the patrons. Another item from the western section is the Grilled Lamb Chop, which is also a favourite order. You can choose between the black pepper or the mushroom sauce but I personally like the black pepper sauce as it brings out the taste of the lamb, with a slight touch of spicyness although some commented that the sauce is a little salty. That aside, the lambs are as tender and juicy as it can be.

Those who would like to try something different can opt to order the Grilled Salmon Fish Rice. Topped with black pepper sauce, this item should have scored high on the chart but unfortunately the Salmon is a little dry. I had to request for extra black pepper sauce for the salmon dressing.

Here's our bill for the day ...
Drinks - RM2.50 - RM2.90
Chicken Chop Rice - RM5.90
BBQ Chicken Noodle - RM6.90
Crispy Duck Noodle - RM6.90
Mushroom Soup - RM3.90
Onion Rings - RM6.90
Deep Fried Sweet Potato - RM5.90
Grilled Lamb Chop RM14.90
BBQ Honey Chicken Rice - RM5.90
Grilled Salmon Fish Rice - RM8.90

Contact Details

Padi House
Block 3503, Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor D.E.


OVERALL RATINGs : * * (Average food ... average everything)
Environment Ratings : * * * (Open-aired - plus point for the pond with fishes)
Food Ratings : * * (there's a lot of room for improvements)
Service Ratings : * * (I got pissed, what do you think?)
Value Ratings : * * * (affordable for 2-3 visits a week)

Operation Details

Average Price : RM10 could get you a good square meal
Business Hrs :
Accepted Cards: not sure

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Local / Western
Ambience/Features : Open-aired Coffeeshop concept
Reservations : Accepted (I still don't have the phone number ....)

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Old Town Kopitiam Cyberjaya

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finally !!! A decent food establishment in Sahara .... I mean Cyberjaya. For the last 3 years of my employment term in Cyberjaya, I have visited countless number of food establishments in and out of Cyberjaya (more outs than ins). Let's just say working in Cyberjaya is different, very different from working elsewhere. Be it the working lifestyle, dressing sense and even eating habits will have to change. No more frequent Bah Kut Teh sessions (the one in Dengkil doesn't count... it's far away!!!), I doubt you can find a decent stall with deliciously fried Hokkien mee ... poor those hokkien fellows ... that includes me!

The opening of Oldtown Kopitiam in Cyberjaya of course, is not my dream come true .. but it provided us fellow Cyberjayans with a sense of hope. A hope that someday, we don't have to organize a Guided Tour Package just to go for lunch. Or visit that "Lego land" foodcourt. Or that overpriced Bistro ... in my workplace. And I heard that a chinese coffee shop has opened next to the Oldtown Kopitiam as well ... Padi House, I think. Thank you ....

Anyway, reverting back to Kopitiam .. after all this article is about them. Smacked right in the middle of the hot, hot Cyberjaya - behind DHL ... stands the Old Town Kopitiam and apparently that area is known as Prima Avenue (I never knew). I heard froma friend, who heard from another friend about this new place - I think they opened about a week ago, somewhere in early October 2006. The place looks cool with little fountains on the front - with this huge OldTown signage. You'll never miss the road.

There are 2 sections, outdoor if you choose to fry and sizzle in the hot sunny Cyberjayan lunch noon or indoor with the almost comfortable airconditioned area. I wish they'd fix that problem, airconditioning is a neccessity not a luxury (yes, i know it's not true ... you go sit in the sun then).

Food ordering, like the rest of the HK themed restaurants and also kopitiams .. is a hassle with the pencil ticking on a list of paper menu. Why can't they just take the order like any other decent food establishments - just because they've taken off service charges?

Anyway we ticked and ordered. Some of our food came and we ate (forgive our manners, firstly it's Cyberjaya.. what manners, secondly it's lunch and we're starving) while the even hungrier ones waited and waited for their food. Finally we couldn't wait and reminded the waiter, which he eventually said .."Hah, not yet come ah ... wait ah, I check" ... subsequently ALL the food came. No further comments on the service quality.

The OldTown Coffee which I presume is from Ipoh, is good, especially the "Cham" or better known as YingYong, the ice ones of course. By the way, they do sell the coffee powder, if you feel like making one yourself back in your office. The rest of the coffee are pretty much the same. I believe the Oldtown Nasi Lemak Special is their speciality, almost every customer that visited this place ordered that. Me, as usual .. ordered something else .. just so that I have more variety when I take my food shots. I ordered the most pathetically expensive Nasi Rendang Chicken, rice, with a dry piece of Rendang Chicken ... a little patch of sambal and cucumber. Go imagine.

Generally, the food is somewhat common, with "kopitiam" concepts mushrooming all around town. Nevertheless, it's a welcoming concept ... think of it as a 'chinese' mamak if you may.

Our meal details :

Oldtown White Coffee (Ice) - RM2.50
Oldtown "Cham" Coffee - RM2.50
Oldtown Ice Blended White Coffee - RM5.80 !!!
Ice Lemon Tea (Ice) RM3.20
Lemon Coke (Ice) - RM3.20
Fruit Juices - RM3.20
Drinking Water - RM0.60 !!!!
Thick Toast Peanut Butter - RM2.80
Nissin Noodle w/Egg & Sausage - RM4.80
Oldtown Nasi Lemak - RM5.80
Oldtown Curry Chicken Rice - RM6.80
Oldtown Rendang Chicken Rice - RM7.80

Contact Details

Old Town Kopitiam Prima Avenue
Block 3503 Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya
Tel : 03-83181988

Ratings on this particular outlet

OVERALL RATINGs : * * * (Ample parking - convenient for Cyberjayans)
Environment Ratings : * * * (thumbs down on warm airconditioning)
Food Ratings : * * (the "Kopitiam" usuals...)
Service Ratings : * * (They forgot our food!!!)
Value Ratings : * * * (stick to your Dengkil "chap fan" if you can't afford it!)

Operation Details

Average Price : Slight more than RM10 if you want a square meal
Business Hrs :
Accepted Cards: not sure

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Local
Ambience/Features : Open-aired / Indoor Airconditioned
Reservations : Accepted

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Food Foundry

Friday, October 20, 2006

Thinking of a place to have your meal can be quite an uphill task at times. I know it sounded absurb, especially coming from a self-proclaimed "food reviewer" such as me... . I was somewhere in PJ at that moment, and "abundance" is an understatement when it comes to food establishment in PJ. Alas .. due to the lack of food, or probably a little low on brain air ... I can't come up with any place to eat. Fortunately, with what's left of my thinking brain cells .. I manage to churn out a fellow food blogger's link ... and many thanks to Joan Chew or simply nicknames "FOOD Lover" for her suggestions, I manage to have dinner!

FOOD FOUNDRY is located in Jalan 17, PJ ... somewhere near ... geesh .. I really can't think of any popular landmark there to describe to you. Let's just say, this cafe is not an easy place to find .. especially if you aren't familiar with PJ. But once you find it, chances are you won't regret what you see. As I mentioned, it's tucked in a corner .. in between some low cost flat/apartment in Jalan 17 ...

My first impression of the place? Whoaa ... wayyy cool .....
it's somewhat cozy yet stylish. Even the signboard is quite happening as some would say. With a big screen latched in one corner, one can already feel so much at home when hanging out here. And apparently, this is IS quite happening ... I tried googling for "Food Foundry" (like I always do, for my research before posting my articles) and came up with this name "Project OMG!"

Here's an excerp from Project OMG!

Project OMG! stubbornly tries to exist beyond being 'just another art scene' in a nook of the Klang Valley. Opening its doors every last Saturday of the month to all and sundry, this event is a platform for poets, singer- songwriters, short films and non-hazardous flame jugglers to showcase raw and original material for all to listen, see and enjoy.
Anyway, getting back to the topic of food ... very quickly we found our table, sat down and ordered our food. The menu is gorgeous, with very deliciously shot images of their dishes .. and superb layout. Not too many varieties, therefore choices are limited although not necessarily bad .. since you go straight to the point and order, especially when you're hungry!

We started off with the appetizer, the Kerabu Mango ... which is a little sour, with a a little tingle touch of sweetness. Now, that will definitely whet your appetite. Then came our soup, yes ... the Ox-Tail Soup 'ala Kampung style. Unlike the usual Ox-Tail soup you find elsewhere, this looked like the ones you get from your local mamak stall, nice .. hot ... and spicy!

While waiting for the main course, we ordered some Tapas ... just for some 'inbetweens'. Tapas, a Spanish cuisine ... are small quantities of food sold with a drink in. They can be taken as a snack or combined to make up a full meal.

I guess Tapas must be one of their speciality here since there's quite a range of it, from Lamb Meatball to Thai Chicken with Pumpkin. As for us, we settled for some Eggplant in Spicy Sauce and Grilled Prawns .. both served with Pita Bread. For the uninitiated, Pita Bread is a round, wheat flatbread made with yeast (apparently so, according my my faithful source, the Wikipedia). For a Spanish cuisine, both our tapas dishes tasted way too 'oriental' .. so to say. I guess this is where the "fusion food" terminology kicks in. Heads up for those with mild tastebuds .. they can be a little spicy ...

For main course, we had Carbonara with Turkey Ham spaghetti ... which, is an Italian dish. It's thick and creamy .. should be a favourite among cheese lovers. Did you know, Carbonara an Italian pasta sauce ... comes from carbone, which is Italian for coal, and many believe the dish derives its name because it was popular among charcoal makers.

We also had the Pan Fried Dory with pepper marmalade ... the fish, is a little dry but fortunately the pepper marmalade complimented the taste which made the meal, simply wonderful !

Somewhat stuffed, I just had to make that order of Mille Crepe (mille = million) ... ! I know very little about this Mille Crepe, but they did say that .. one must not miss the opportunity to taste it, at least once!! My slice of crepe finally came ... and as I sink my little fork through it, I began to wonder what is so special about this Mille Crepe. You'll know it the moment you take your first bite ... through 20+ layers of fresh chocolate cream and thin layers of crepe ....

I would like to quote this from another fellow blogger Jason Mumbles who manage to describe the feeling quite dramatically ...

“很有质感!” Soft and thin crust, sandwiched with milky cream, and the thousand layers texture feeling that melts inside your mouth, it is definitely a hero among all heroes (蛋糕中的英雄豪杰)

More Reviews From Others

Tiny World

Contact Details

FOOD FOUNDRY by Asianage Holdings S/B
BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, 46400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-79553885


OVERALL RATINGs : * * * * * (5 stars for cool ambience, not overcrowded and ample parking spot)
Environment Ratings : * * * * (Perfect hangout spot)
Food Ratings : * * * * * (thumbs up recommendation from me!)
Service Ratings : * * * * (friendly smiley chaps although a little quiet)
Value Ratings : * * * * (for the food quality, it's value for money)

Operation Details

Average Price : Slight less than RM20 per person for a satisfying meal
Business Hrs : Mon - Sun 11:30am - 10:00pm
Accepted Cards: not sure

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Fusion
Ambience/Features : Open-aired Classy Cafe. Features? Big Screen?
Reservations : Accepted

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Manhattan Fish Market

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
I've always thought Manhattan Fish Market is from Manhattan, New York. Heck, I was wrong ! This bugger is actually a "made-in-Malaysia" product !!! I've tried googling for it, this is the only result ... http://www.manhattanfishmarket.com/ and after some extensive digging, I managed to find out more.

Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd, which owns home-grown restaurants Manhattan Fish Market and Hainan Kopitiam set up its first Manhattan Fish Market in Malaysia at the Mid Valley Megamall in November 2002 and now owns a total of 13 outlets, mainly in the Klang Valley, and one each in Singapore and Bangkok. The Manhattan Fish Market, a casual dining seafood restaurant, was founded by Dr Jeffrey Goh, a dentist-turned-politician and businessman, and a Singaporean partner.

Derived from the legendary Fulton Market (largest and oldest fish market in Manhattan) established since 1822 in Manhattan, this Malaysian chain is similar in many ways, namely in terms of the quality and freshness of its seafood.

Interior decoratives were cosy, and waiters were friendly eagerly waiting to serve you the best seafood in town. After some menu browsing and recommendations from the ever grinning waiter, we put in our orders. Our food arrived ina zip and with our seemed like bottomless pit stomach, we savored our Fried Country Mushrooms ($9.90) with delight. The giant-sized golden-brown juicy mushrooms were coated with a batter so crunchy, you just can't stop yourself from reaching for another one. Then came the Sizzing Louisiana Prawn, huge whole prawns - dipped in creamy Luisiana shrimp sauce ... deeeelicious !

Our main dish was the Fisherman's Giant Fried Platter for 2, deep-fried fish fillet, calamari, mushrooms and fried shrimps served with chips and garlic rice. The melted, sweet and sticky sauce complemented the sliced prawns. Although the menu did specify that is was a 2 person course, 3 of us could share the meal and end up overstuffed. Then again, we are probably small eaters. This is a must-try for seafood lovers who would like to sample a variety of items. Other specialities you can order are Baked Pacific Dory, prepared with special butter plum sauce. Since the fillet wasn't fried, the freshness of the fish really stood out, and the understated sweetness of the plum sauce helped bring out the wholesomeness of the dish. The garlic rice was delicious: Non-greasy, firm and very tasty.

Other reviews on MFM

Sparklette from Singapore
Tastebuds from Faces Magazine

Contact Details

LG-060 Lower Ground Floor
Tel/Fax : 03-22840448

Alamanda Putrajaya Tel/Fax : 03-8889516
Subang Parade Tel/Fax : 03-56370121
Suria KLCC Tel/Fax : 03-21711303
Ikano Power Center Tel/Fax : 03-77284248
Sogo Tel/Fax : 03-26971303
Centre Point BU Tel/Fax : 03-77253303
IOI Mall Puchong Tel/Fax : 03-58821493
Ampang Park Tel/Fax : 03-21669303
Sunway Pyramid Tel/Fax : 03-74913683
Jusco Tebrau (JB) Tel/Fax : 07-3549303
Plaza Singapura (Singapore) Tel/Fax : 02-68359300


OVERALL RATING : * * * (It's like the seafood of fastfood)
Environment Rating : * * * * (Makes you feel a little like being in a fisherman's shack .. with a/cond)
Food Rating : * * * (mai hiam, be phai .... - it's not bad if you don't complain much)
Service Rating : * * * * (Like I said .. very eager)
Value Rating : * * * * (a little pricey, but it's fun for the family...)

Operation Details

Average Price : RM 40+ for 2 person
Business Hrs: Standard Mall Hour ...
Accepted Cards: : Of course ! Master? Visa? Diners?

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Seafood
Ambience/Features : Nice, cosy ... family friendly
Features? Seashells, fake fishes ... fishnets ...
Reservations : Accepted

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