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Old Town Kopitiam Cyberjaya

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finally !!! A decent food establishment in Sahara .... I mean Cyberjaya. For the last 3 years of my employment term in Cyberjaya, I have visited countless number of food establishments in and out of Cyberjaya (more outs than ins). Let's just say working in Cyberjaya is different, very different from working elsewhere. Be it the working lifestyle, dressing sense and even eating habits will have to change. No more frequent Bah Kut Teh sessions (the one in Dengkil doesn't count... it's far away!!!), I doubt you can find a decent stall with deliciously fried Hokkien mee ... poor those hokkien fellows ... that includes me!

The opening of Oldtown Kopitiam in Cyberjaya of course, is not my dream come true .. but it provided us fellow Cyberjayans with a sense of hope. A hope that someday, we don't have to organize a Guided Tour Package just to go for lunch. Or visit that "Lego land" foodcourt. Or that overpriced Bistro ... in my workplace. And I heard that a chinese coffee shop has opened next to the Oldtown Kopitiam as well ... Padi House, I think. Thank you ....

Anyway, reverting back to Kopitiam .. after all this article is about them. Smacked right in the middle of the hot, hot Cyberjaya - behind DHL ... stands the Old Town Kopitiam and apparently that area is known as Prima Avenue (I never knew). I heard froma friend, who heard from another friend about this new place - I think they opened about a week ago, somewhere in early October 2006. The place looks cool with little fountains on the front - with this huge OldTown signage. You'll never miss the road.

There are 2 sections, outdoor if you choose to fry and sizzle in the hot sunny Cyberjayan lunch noon or indoor with the almost comfortable airconditioned area. I wish they'd fix that problem, airconditioning is a neccessity not a luxury (yes, i know it's not true ... you go sit in the sun then).

Food ordering, like the rest of the HK themed restaurants and also kopitiams .. is a hassle with the pencil ticking on a list of paper menu. Why can't they just take the order like any other decent food establishments - just because they've taken off service charges?

Anyway we ticked and ordered. Some of our food came and we ate (forgive our manners, firstly it's Cyberjaya.. what manners, secondly it's lunch and we're starving) while the even hungrier ones waited and waited for their food. Finally we couldn't wait and reminded the waiter, which he eventually said .."Hah, not yet come ah ... wait ah, I check" ... subsequently ALL the food came. No further comments on the service quality.

The OldTown Coffee which I presume is from Ipoh, is good, especially the "Cham" or better known as YingYong, the ice ones of course. By the way, they do sell the coffee powder, if you feel like making one yourself back in your office. The rest of the coffee are pretty much the same. I believe the Oldtown Nasi Lemak Special is their speciality, almost every customer that visited this place ordered that. Me, as usual .. ordered something else .. just so that I have more variety when I take my food shots. I ordered the most pathetically expensive Nasi Rendang Chicken, rice, with a dry piece of Rendang Chicken ... a little patch of sambal and cucumber. Go imagine.

Generally, the food is somewhat common, with "kopitiam" concepts mushrooming all around town. Nevertheless, it's a welcoming concept ... think of it as a 'chinese' mamak if you may.

Our meal details :

Oldtown White Coffee (Ice) - RM2.50
Oldtown "Cham" Coffee - RM2.50
Oldtown Ice Blended White Coffee - RM5.80 !!!
Ice Lemon Tea (Ice) RM3.20
Lemon Coke (Ice) - RM3.20
Fruit Juices - RM3.20
Drinking Water - RM0.60 !!!!
Thick Toast Peanut Butter - RM2.80
Nissin Noodle w/Egg & Sausage - RM4.80
Oldtown Nasi Lemak - RM5.80
Oldtown Curry Chicken Rice - RM6.80
Oldtown Rendang Chicken Rice - RM7.80

Contact Details

Old Town Kopitiam Prima Avenue
Block 3503 Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya
Tel : 03-83181988

Ratings on this particular outlet

OVERALL RATINGs : * * * (Ample parking - convenient for Cyberjayans)
Environment Ratings : * * * (thumbs down on warm airconditioning)
Food Ratings : * * (the "Kopitiam" usuals...)
Service Ratings : * * (They forgot our food!!!)
Value Ratings : * * * (stick to your Dengkil "chap fan" if you can't afford it!)

Operation Details

Average Price : Slight more than RM10 if you want a square meal
Business Hrs :
Accepted Cards: not sure

Miscellaneous Details

Halal : Yes
Dining Method : Dine-In . Takeaway
Food/Cuisine : Local
Ambience/Features : Open-aired / Indoor Airconditioned
Reservations : Accepted

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think OVERPRICED chinese mamak. I guess that's more like it :)

11/05/2006 1:56 AM  
Blogger Timothy said...

Well anonymous, you can say that again. But we're all suckers for mamak, aren't we ?

11/05/2006 8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that patrons have to get their ass off to the counter to pay first...

11/08/2006 12:48 PM  

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